ROLEX GMT-Master II Ref.16760

This rare and extremely collectable 16760 known as the “Fat Lady” was the very first GMT Master II.  A rare reference that was in production for just 5 years (1984-1988) and only ever available with the black and red “Coke” bezel.  

The 16760 was characterized by a thicker case (hence the Sophia Loren nickname) to house the new 3085 movement with independently set hour hand.  This was also the first steel GMT to feature sapphire crystal glass!  Its thick case gave it the nickname and only ensures that its mechanical automatic inner workings are well-protected.  A sturdy bracelet comes in stainless steel links, while the watch face is protected by anti-reflective glass. 

The watch delivers an elegant solution to the complex problem of using two time zones, as with its intricate secondary hour hand you can set it to any time zone of your liking.  The outer bezel is rotatable, allowing you to use it as a timer for diving and other sports.  With reliable functions in a thick, robust case, this watch is a timeless addition for collectors and owners alike.

The GMT Master II 16760 is undoubtedly an important watch within the Rolex archives.  To own this Rolex is to have a significant piece of Rolex history as part of your private watch collection.